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Blossoming Confidence: A New Start

Life Coaching

Roanne left her job in the corporate sector to pursue her passion as a life & family coach, and doula. Her love for coaching has enabled her to teach mindfulness across the board, helping clients achieve their goals and families achieve harmony in the home.

Doula & Breastfeeding

Roanne provides underprivileged women with empowering birth experiences at the Hillbrow clinic every week as a way to give back to those in need. Her affiliation with Packs of Dignity allows her to offer packages of birthing essentials that provide less fortunate mothers with the basic items that she will need to have a comfortable and dignified birthing experience.

Her doula service is fully endorsed by medical aid, allowing mothers to claim back for their consultations. She also offers consultations to assist new moms on their breastfeeding and motherhood journeys.

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Part of Who I Am

Part of Who I Am

I am a Life coach, NLP Practitioner, and DBT facilitator. My practice focuses on family wellbeing and in particular, life coaching for Teens and Parent Coaching.  I chose to focus my practice around family bonding and stability, based on my own personal journey. Life...

How Sleep Affects My Depressive Episodes

How Sleep Affects My Depressive Episodes

One of my biggest contributors to an episode of depression is lack of sleep.  When I was on anti-depressants, I was always exhausted and wanted to sleep all day and sometimes I did.  But come night, no matter how exhausted I was I could not sleep.  I once was asked by...

Dealing With Depression

Dealing With Depression

After many years of believing that I would have to live with my depression for the rest of my life, I am finally finding my way out.  I can’t say that it was just one thing but very many things that have lead me to today.  I invite you to join me on my continued...

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